Siana Sonoquie

My crossroads was when I left my job as a director in a corporation with the hope of building a career helping people. Moxie Lab helped me create a strategic plan while not allowing me to compromise what my heart truly wanted.

The approach that Moxie Lab brings is uniquely insightful. The coaching was tailored to my own vision of success and my own motivation. At each session I started to visualize more and more how I was actually going to pull off the switch from corporate success to a life that was more aligned with my intention on this earth.

Recently I founded Hoop Creative Projects. We are a visual design company that provides design services for socially minded projects and non profits. Through our work we fund an ongoing series of non profit projects bringing artists, entrepreneurs and educators together with underserved communities to increase access and empower those in need. With Maija’s coaching sessions, I was able to build a business that paired my compassion with my experience in a way that I could have never done alone.

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