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What is your Story to Lead from?
[Guest Post- Annalise Krueger]

People crave having something to believe in. This simple fact is merely a communal trait of humankind, and it has been exhibited numerous times throughout the history of the world-people just crave a cause bigger than themselves. Oftentimes, a projected and common goal is conveyed through a story; specifically one that is capable of becoming a movement, and has a happy ending where needs are met, values remain uncompromising, and something is changed (hopefully for the better).

My name is Annalise Krueger. I am a junior at Carmel High School, and I am beginning my internship here at Moxie Lab. As a sixteen-year-old girl with a lot of hope and care for this world, I firmly believe it is so crucial that companies and organizations today take every step they can towards creating something that will leave this world a better place. Writing a story for your organization aimed towards inspiring many is surely a move in a positive direction. And towards a better, and more cohesive, world.

Effective leaders are often effective storytellers; those who have the ability to weave together a decent story are also blessed with the capability of uniting and inspiring any number of people. This is displayed in no better way than in the case of Martin Luther King Jr., who inspired millions of people to protest for what was right, without removing his own peaceful values.

Anyone can take power into his or her own hands by creating a moment- one where her vision gets shared, and those who want to join in and collaborate towards this now shared vision can and are inspired enough to do so. Leaders possess the ability to unite, and write their own story towards a common goal.

According to an interview with Paul Smith in a great Forbes magazine article on the topic, leading through storytelling has five main effects: (1) inspiring the organization, (2) setting a vision, (3) teaching important lessons, (4) defining culture and values, and (5) explaining who you are, and what you believe. These empowering results trickle down to every employee and follower, and ignite a flame in which they genuinely crave results and a mass movement towards an expressed goal.

Simon Sinek, author of Start With Why, explains in his now famous TED talk, that people do not buy what you do, they buy why you do, starting with the simple, deconstructed, and abstract idea of why.

Transforming your why into a story is what creates meaningful success. Moxie Lab has a story too. Ours is one of inclusion, of hope, and of togetherness. Of equality for all, regardless of race or gender.

So, with that, what makes you different? What inspires you? What are your values, thoughts, hopes, dreams, aspiration? This is what creates your story, and subsequently creates a movement. So, tell a good story.

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