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Moxie Lab clients are individuals who are currently either at a professional crossroads or at a place in their pursuit or practice of being a leader where they are finding that their current tools are no longer working for them.  We especially love working with new and emerging leaders.  Our clients often have the desire to be innovative and to strive towards a high level of professionalism and self-awareness. In addition to our individual coaching track, participation in the workshops and retreats helps build a unique leadership network to create long-term partnerships with other leaders from a diverse cross-section of industries.

M: Having the opportunity to move back to California from New Mexico, I was terrified of creating opportunities for myself that would be based on what my heart wanted to do as opposed to what my mind was telling me to do. My inclination was to get a job at a corporate law office that would give me the benefits that I need for my family, but would simultaneously keep me from being with my family.

That fear forced me into making a decision to hire a coach to help me look at what my options were outside of my comfort area. A lot of transition was happening in my life at that time, and the last thing I wanted to do was something that wasn’t clear and wasn’t safe and wasn’t known.
I realized during this time that what I’ve been doing most of my life was taking the safe road, taking jobs purely from a place of needing to make a living, by whatever means necessary. I realized that if I could change that narrative for myself and create divisions for myself that were crucial to fulfill, that I could also be really effective at helping others. I am legally trained but I have also had the opportunity in my lifetime to live and work with lots of different types of people, working in many different types of industries (both non-profit and for-profit), and in almost every sector of government. Having been through coaching for myself, I now believe that it is the single most effective way to help anyone move from one reality to the next. Coaching is an incredibly effective tool that will guide people through a moment of decision that I call “the crossroads.”  And from that, all leadership decisions come.

M: At the wedding of good friends of mine in New Mexico, all the guests were given a card with an adjective on it to describe them in lieu of a traditional party favor.  Mine was “moxie”, and I had to look it up in the dictionary! The more I looked at that word and its definition, the more I recognized that “moxie” is actually a core part of my belief system. And not only is it a core definer in my own life, but it defines what I believe about human potential. My favorite definition of moxie is defined as a force of character, determination, or nerve.  There is also a quality to that word that implies the ability to get it done.  Moxie means taking charge, being proactive and not waiting around for someone to save you from your life or to solve your problems for you.

The “lab” part of Moxie Lab is the laboratory for the development of that human potential. When I think about laboratories, I think about exploring scientific theories and trying out different techniques to help encourage that internal inquiry, to help people find their moxie. I have always admired the creators of think tanks, but I am more attracted to the idea of action tanks.  We are living in an accelerated time,

M: I believe that human beings have the potential and the courage to reinvent themselves over and over again, and that this reinvention is necessary as we navigate our ever-changing and ever-accelerating current business and political environment. That’s what moxie means to me, and that is a core strategy of Moxie Lab: helping to define those areas where people feel less courageous and confident in their leadership, and helping them overcome those insecurities. We all have blind spots; these parts of ourself that we don’t see- the good and the bad- and part of the curriculum is to help identify these blind spots in a loving and persistent way. We say things in coaching and in these workshop and retreat environments that people’s own friends and families won’t say to them, not to mention coworkers or subordinates or managers. These conversations are what allow for that growth to happen; they enable us to see these parts of ourselves that we are typically blind to.

M: Yes. I am not providing legal advise at Moxie Lab.  The objective of Moxie Lab is to borrow from my legal skills and my professional background and training and to allow me the freedom to work with clients in a different way.



We offer leadership coaching, workshops and retreats to emerging and established leaders.


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